News in 2013

    August 13...
    Celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today.

    July 6
    We had a nice get-away weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. We walked the boardwalk and gambled for a few minutes.

    June 29
    We spent the weekend in Harpers Ferry, WV and hiked a trail the Overlook Cliff which is 627ft high.
    The trail we hiked was the shorter of 2 trails there, but we have to work our way to do the long hike.

    May 31
    We have a new addition to the family - JASPER
    He is a rescue kitty from The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.
    He is still getting adjusted to his new home and will soon be able to interact with his brother and sister.

    April 7
    Attended a day at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.

News in 2012
    Tread was promoted to Director of IT Infrastructure at Matt Martin Real Estate Management.

    August 13
    Celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary today.

News in 2011
    October 3
    Tread started a new job as the Sr. Manager of IT Infrastructure for Matt Martin Real Estate Management in Arlington, VA.

    September 21
    Norma started a new job as the Archivist & Records Manager for the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC.

    August 13
    Celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary today.

    January 29
    We moved to Alexandria, VA. Sad to move away from New Jersey, but it's a nice change.

News in 2010
    August 13
    We are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today.

News in 2009
    October 2009
    We had to say goodbye to Boo. She got very sick with kidney failure. It was the hardest decision to make, but was the best for her ....

    September 2009
    We moved again, but we still live in Clifton, NJ.

    August 13
    Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary today.

News in 2008